Andrew Jackson Was A Real-Life Horror Movie Monster

The Indians called him "Sharp Knife" for a reason.

I’ve read a lot of Stephen King novels, but I was never afraid of a character jumping out from the pages of a book and punching me in the face until I read a biography of Andrew Jackson.

Jackson’s life is a long series of larger than life incidents of being an unrelenting murder machine. And I’m not even talking about the institutionalized horror of his genocidal Indian Removal Act, which wiped out thousands of Native Americans. I’m talking about personal in-your-face horror on a level his colleagues considered supernatural.

The Skinny on John Quincy Adams's Skinny Dipping Interview

The naked truth about JQA and reporter Anne Royall.

John Quincy Adams died 169 years ago, but one legend about him and the writer Anne Royall lives on. And it's time for it to die.

Here's the basic story you may have heard:

Hollywood Needs To Tell Louisa Adams's Story

Meet your new favorite first lady.

John Quincy Adams wasn’t looking for love in 1795. The 28-year-old diplomat, son of the vice-president, and future president himself was still recovering from a recent heartbreak when he arrived in London. He wrote to his mother, Abigail, that he would not consider marrying until he was 45.

Then he met Louisa Johnson.

Donald Trump Is All The Worst Parts of Thomas Jefferson

 And none of the best.

I’ve been thinking about how to write about the new president, and how to relate him to the founding fathers I’ve been reading about on this trek through presidential biographies. I keep coming back to Thomas Jefferson.
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