John Quincy Adams's Prophetic Diary Entry

He's bringing eloquent back.
Following his father’s advice, John Quincy Adams started a diary at age 12 and kept it up for the rest of his life. The result is a treasure trove of historical insight and wit and a fascinating window into 70 years worth of Adams’s private thoughts.

To commemorate the notorious JQA's 250th anniversary this July, Library of America just put out a beautiful brand new two-volume selected edition of his diary, which I immediately ordered. It arrived last night and immediately sucked me in. I found myself tearing through the pages of his life from the age of 12 through 22, astounded at how precocious and utterly relatable he was.

History Carnival #166

Some of the best historical blog writing from May 2017
I’m excited to be hosting the 166th installment of The History Carnival, a monthly showcase of some of the best recent blogging on historical topics from around the world. Each month it's hosted at a different blog to provide a variety of approaches and perspectives, and this month the pleasure of compiling this eclectic mix is all mine!